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About us

CouponzOffers started out as a small venture of a group of 2 people, who had big dreams in their eyes- to make online shopping more affordable. Since its inception in September 2018, CouponzOffers has started emerging as a leader in this arena. But becoming mere leaders was not our vision- we all envisaged a society where people do no have to worry about the mounting expenses of e-commerce. We wanted to create a cyberspace where every user is confident of saving a penny or two, every single time they shop. With that vision in mind, we set out to navigate the deep waters of e-commerce in India.
We at CouponzOffers are very well aware of the fact that in this era of online shopping, our choices and demands have multiplied, while our income has failed to keep pace with our ever-increasing desire for the best. In the beginning of this millennia, we bought only what was available in the nearby area, and now 2 decades later, we are spoiled with the choice of anything around the world. But the products that never seem to get cheaper can definitely get a lot more affordable, for every shopper out there- and that is what we want. With this definite mission, Mr Amit Roy set up CouponzOffers at a small office space in Noida, but this has seen constant expansion with more members being added to the CouponzOffers family.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where the users make the switch to online shopping more easily, not just because it has more options, but also because it is a lot more affordable. Despite the Internet opening up so many opportunities, and thousands of companies and stores being present to cater to the needs of all the users, many of them shy away because of the apparent high-priced commodities. Even though such products are of superior quality, with big international brands also making their presence felt in India, they remain out of reach of a large number of people. We want that to change. We sincerely believe that we must work towards making a space where even the branded commodities purchased online comes at really affordable rates. We want to work with every merchant and every store that wants to reach out to all sections of India, and make their finer living much more affordable.

Our Mission

We strive to make online shopping a lot more affordable for everyone, one deal at a time. We work closely with all our business partners to give a boost to the e-commerce sector. Online shopping should not remain restricted to a privileged few, and we work hard day in and day out, solely to get the best saving options for our users. Our dedicated team has the only concern of making e-commerce affordable, and thus available, to everyone, pan India. Our unwavering focus is only on one thing- getting the best deals and discounts for all our users. We must not let down those who trust us when it comes to save their precious money. We must give nothing but the best to those who pose their faith in us, even when making the big budget buys. We realise that our growth also lies in the growth of these very users- the more they save with our help, the more will they appreciate us, and all we desire is to go down the good books of our users, so that they can keep shopping without the worry of losing out on any good saving opportunity.

What We Do

CouponzOffers makes e-commerce and online shopping really affordable. You ask how?
CouponzOffers has established close relations with many online merchants, including online biggies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Nykaa, Oyo, 1mg and Zomato. This is important for us, as very many users are frequent buyers from these stores. But we did not leave out on any other online merchant that is likely to benefit online buyers. We are also constantly expanding in this front- we are in touch with many other stores who provide quality service to their customers, so that we can get access to the superior deals and discounts that they offer regularly, and help our users save their hard-earned money.
We are a team of highly dedicated and like-minded people, who give utmost importance to user experience and satisfaction. We are constantly on our toes, solely to ensure that no user loses out on the promising coupons and coupon codes from the different online merchants. Our team proposes the greatest of ideas, only to make online shopping far less pinching on the user’s pockets. We work harder every day to push any business idea that will benefit the users at large. We do not limit ourselves to any particular category of stores. We rather spread out to include all the sectors imaginable- health, beauty and fashion, lingerie, home furnishing, office and school supplies, electronics, travel and hotel booking, cab, flight and railway ticket bookings, food and grocery needs- everything that we can think of.
While the B2B partnerships help us improve ourselves and become more useful to our users, our real drive comes from the users itself. We firmly believe- when online, the customer is the king. So, all our actions are dedicated to, and directed towards enhancing the shopping experience of these very customers and make it more affordable and smoother.

How to Use the Coupons and Coupon Codes

The process of getting superior discounts and deals on every purchase made online is fairly simple. You just need to go to the desired store page and find the coupon that best suits your needs. Click on the coupon code to reveal the coupon, and use the same before checking out from the store.


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